Control of stormwater is vital to maintaining ecology and resilience, whether in pavement-laden urbanized settings or rural or coastal resource areas. We excel in constructing nature-based designs that use natural systems to address flooding and erosion hazards. Nature-based solutions enhance safety, minimize future infrastructure costs, and secure natural resources benefits for communities and the natural world.

Effective drainage systems reduce the risk of damaging flooding from storm events and control and treat runoff- before it enters the surrounding environment. Well-designed and constructed stormwater management systems mitigate both the quantity and quality of stormwater caused by runoff from impervious surfaces.  SumCo Eco-Contracting has a wide range of experience in constructing various drainage improvement projects. Examples of these projects include construction of stormdrains, catch basins, channels, bioretention swales, infiltration chambers, and various other stormwater drainage infrastructure best management practices (BMP).