Invasive plant species often overwhelm ecosystems, creating inhospitable conditions for native flora and fauna. Species such as Common Reed Grass, Oriental Bittersweet, Japanese Knotweed, Purple Loosestrife, Multiflora Rose and Glossy Buckthorn are just a few common threats to our native landscapes.

That’s where we come in. Our deep understanding of plant community dynamics built on decades of experience across the northeastern United States allows us to selectively control foreign species and promote ecological stability.

Sumco Eco-Contracting mitigates invasive species threats using a variety of vegetation management practices, each employed with careful consideration for native habitat and site-specific conditions. Control methods include saltwater inundation; precise herbicide treatment carried out by our in-house licensed applicators; and mechanical removal. We are continuously seeking new ways to mitigate invasive species through effective and sustainable means to enhance biodiversity within our project partners’ landscapes.