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SumCo Eco-Contracting is devoted to the specialized field of ecological construction. We have been privileged to serve as the construction partner on hundreds of Eco improvement projects across the northeastern United States, including many of the region’s most notable.
We offer additional site, civil and environmental construction experience supporting redevelopment, remediation, coastal, and linear infrastructure projects that often include challenging Eco improvement elements. We invite you to view our work.

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Dredging & Marine Construction

Dredging & Marine Construction

Hydraulic & Mechanical Dredging

Beneficial Use of Dredge Materials

Subtidal Infrastructure

Jetties, Piers, & Bulkheads

CDF Infrastructure
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Eco-contracting Service areas

Ecosystem Restoration
& Mitigation

Dam Removal
& River Restoration


& Resiliency

& Marine Construction

& Open Spaces

Native Plant


Restoration Spotlight
– Before and After

Columbia Lake Dam – Before and After

After notching and lowering the lake, the dam was removed and SumCo restored the newly exposed riparian corridor on a NJ Wildlife Management Area, opening up a 10-mile river stretch. This dam removal restored connection to the third largest New Jersey tributary to the Delaware.

Upcoming Industry Events

Thursday July 25

Advocating for a Better Transportation Future

Transportation experts understand the crucial ways in which we must transform how we get around but can play an even bigger role by leveraging expertise to help shape and inform mobility policies at all levels of government.
Whether you work in the public sector, private sector, or are seeking a career in the mobility field, join the Clean Transportation Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) for a virtual event to build advocacy skills that will help advance equitable low-carbon mobility choices.
Attendees will hear from UCS staff about our equitable mobility campaign; learn how to use your technical expertise and role as a constituent to inform and support equitable transportation policies; and begin to form connections with others in the field who have similar desires to level up changemaking skills and connect across roles. Special guest Liya Rechtman, Policy Advisor at US Department of Transportation, Office of the Secretary of Transportation Policy, will also join us to speak about her experience as a transportation professional navigating bureaucracies at the state and federal level, and how to push for climate and equity.

Thursday August 1

EBC 28th Annual Summer Garden Party
Exchange Conference Center, 212 Northern Avenue, Boston, 02210, United States

Tuesday August 6

Lunch & Plan: EBC Solid Waste Management Committee Program Planning Meeting
Workbar Needham, 117 Kendrick Street, Needham, MA, 02494, United States
Lunch & Plan: EBC Site Remediation and Redevelopment Committee Program Planning Meeting
Workbar Needham, 117 Kendrick Street, Needham, MA, 02494, United States


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