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Native Plant Communities

Planting & Site Restoration
Invasive Species Management

Native plants serve not only as a food source and shelter for local wildlife, but also perform as natural pollutant filters, erosion controls, and more. Our teams have exceptional planting and seeding experience developed across hundreds of projects of all shapes and sizes in a diversity of challenging settings.

Successful ecological restorations depend on establishing plant communities that will thrive in the future while coexisting with their current environment. That’s why we take great care in creating optimal conditions for our plants and seeds to flourish. Whether planting tens of thousands of Cordgrass plugs in a salt marsh or five-inch caliper Oaks in a public park, we’re dedicated to getting the right plants in the right places, benefiting our clients, communities, and the local habitat.

• Planting & Site Restoration
• Seeding
• Invasive Species Management

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Native Plant communities