SumCo Eco-Contracting collaborates with public and private organizations and non-profits to remediate and restore contaminated sites, both on land and in water.


SumCo Eco’s construction project management experience supports the safe removal and proper disposal of impacted soils and sediments containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), heavy metals, petroleum, and other contaminants of concern from upland locations, and in both fresh water and marine environments. We self-perform our work, managing groundwater when upland; water flow; and accommodating tidal fluctuation when in-water – with safety always our top priority.




Understanding the elevated risks of working in sensitive environments, our construction crews carefully assess each situation to ensure our work is completed without incident. With experience in both mechanical and hydraulic dredging, SumCo can undertake a variety of complex in-water projects in wetlands, ponds, lakes, rivers, and marine environments.




Our remediation project experience includes demolition; building material abatement; contaminated soil excavation, transportation, and disposal; underground storage tank (UST) removal; in-situ stabilization (ISS); and groundwater treatment. Our construction Team Leads have successfully remediated a variety of sites including Superfund, Brownfields, former manufactured gas plants (MGPs), industrial laundries, former gas stations, and more.


Further, our teams can seamlessly prepare the remediated site for its intended reuse, whether as open space, wetland, a park, commercial, industrial, residential, or mixed-use redevelopment. Our site preparation includes grading; stormwater BMPs; foundations; roadways and parking lots; bridges and culverts; retaining walls; site utilities; furnishings and other appurtenances; and landscaping, including native plantings and seeding.

Representative Projects