Gateway Wetlands Mitigation for NJDOT, Pleasantville, NJ

Ecosystem Restoration & Mitigation
Native Plant Communities

July 2022 – October 2022

$ 4.08 MM

Environmental Benefits

Using innovative dewatering techniques, SumCo was able to build the project in the dry. Daily pumping kept the tide water out so that grading and planting could be completed efficiently and accurately. As soon as planting was completed, the tides were let back in and normal intertidal cycles resumed.

In addition to housing a wide variety of flora and fauna, salt marshes are extremely productive coastal systems that serve as a barrier between land and sea.

Project Elements

Restored a tidal wetland marsh for the NJ Department of Transportation. This mitigation project consisted of excavating a trench through an existing degraded and drowning marsh in order to drain the area of impounded water and restore tidal flush to a newly created wetland, including the construction of both high marsh and low marsh planting areas.

Dewatering operations were employed during the excavation of the loop tidal channel and planting of the exterior loops. Approximately 11,500 CY of excavation was performed  in the impounded area to drain the standing water and allow the re-establishment of a tidal salt marsh. An existing berm was also breached and a channel system was excavated to allow tidal flush. The area was planted with over 100,000 Spartina patens and Spartina alternifolia plugs and fenced in to prevent herbivory predation.

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