Ocean Avenue Seawall
Marblehead, MA

Coastal Stabilization
Infrastructure & Resiliency

June 2017

$ 145,750

Additional Highlights

Constant battering from extreme weather events over time had caused the seawall located on Marblehead Neck (Marblehead, Massachusetts) to degrade. SumCo Eco-Contracting repaired the seawall by installing a granite stone revetment. A cast in place knee wall was also constructed along with a cobble/riprap dune to increase coastal resiliency.


Constructed for the Town of Marblehead (Massachusetts), this project included a new concrete retaining wall, and a new rock revetment on the seaward side of the concrete wall. Large stones were placed for the toe of the revetment. 3000 psi grout was then pumped in to fill voids, and lock stones together.
The stone and grout placement continued to top of slope. Chinking stones were set in the wet grout to fill voids between large stones. Wooden fencing was also installed on the concrete wall.

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